Why Should You Use Natural Wall Finishes In Your Home?

As a Green and Sustainable Interior Designer, I enjoy integrating beautiful and healthy wall finishes in my projects that can totally change the appearance of a room or a complete home.  Wall finishes protect walls from the elements, daily wear and play an important role in regulating indoor temperatures and humidity.

Natural wall finishes are environmentally conscious because they undergo minimal processing and are generally non-toxic. They can be made of casein, chalk, clay, lime, rock dusts, earth pigments, and natural plant extracts such as oils and wax.  These naturally beautiful materials wash walls with color and texture while balancing relative humidity and creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

Natural finishes can be used in any type of home.  They are compatible with all wall types. However, some walls may require a non-toxic primer. Natural finishes are a necessity for buildings made of straw bales, cob and non-stabilized adobe because these materials must breath to remain healthy.

Conventional paint is a major culprit when it comes to poor indoor air quality. It is petroleum-based and contains poisonous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Non-toxic natural finishes are necessary for people with chemical sensitivities and respiratory problems.

Natural finishes are safe for the planet, as they require less extraction and processing than synthetic finishes and have fewer disposal problems. Most of the ingredients are biodegradable and recyclable.  They are good for buildings because of high vapor permeability, allowing buildings to breathe and moisture to pass in and out, which helps increase the durability of the walls, roof and foundation. Natural finishes are unparalleled for their quality, healthiness, attractiveness and value.

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