Welcome Mats Help Make Your Home Healthier

Welcome Mats Help Make Your Home Healthier

No matter what season it is, it is important to have welcome mats at all your home’s entries. Fall is particularly a good time of the year to make sure you have your welcome mats in place.

Green and sustainable design is about protecting and improving the health and well-being of its occupants. Being knowledgeable of the dangers of building materials and other environmental factors in a home’s design is important. However, you also need to be informed about the simple things you can easily do on a daily basis that will help reduce pollutants that you and your guest bring into your home.

The placement of good old fashion welcome mats or area rugs at all entries of a home will help reduce indoor pollution. Everyone appreciates a nice welcome mat, especially when the weather is wet or snowy. Even in good weather, it is important to remove your shoes. Removing your shoes when entering a home will help to reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticides that accumulate on the soles of your shoes and then are tracked into indoor spaces. Help encourage your guests to remove their shoes by designating an area with seating, a place for shoe storage, and a pair of slippers at the entries of your home.

Every little thing you can do, even like placing a simple mat at an entry door, will help in improving your home’s indoor environmental quality.

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