Tiles That Light-Up at Night Replace Nightlights



The green and sustainable design movement deserves a lot of credit for all the new efficient, healthy, and innovative building materials it has produced.

Nightlights have been used to give people a sense of security and as a means of getting safely in the middle of the night to the kitchen. Nightlights are used in homes and commercial spaces to show the general layout of a room without having to turn on a major light and to avoid tripping over stairs or obstacles, and to indicate an emergency exit.

In our recent research for new state-of-the-art sustainable materials for two very different projects, but with similar requirements, we discovered Sensitile.  This product answered both of our clients’ requests for an elegant, innovative, and efficient way to provide light in spaces at night without having to turn on bright lights and subtlety incorporating lighting into accent walls, stairs and bathrooms.

The Sensitile Terrazzo product, which we used in our projects for walls, stair treads and floors, is available in slabs and tiles, with a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish, and a large selection of colors and patterns. The terrazzo slabs and tiles enigmatically shifts, shimmers and twinkles in response to shadows, light and movement. It’s composed of a fine concrete mix with embedded light conducting channels. This sustainable material contains at least 20% post-consumer waste.

Sensitile products are manufactured in the USA and offer an interesting range of architectural and design applications. They use only cutting-edge technologies and green manufacturing processes. Their award winning products have been used in sustainable architectural and interior design projects globally.

Photo credit: Sensitile

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