These Green Features Will Help Your Home Sell Quicker

Green and sustainable homes have a higher resale value and are on the market for less time than traditional homes.  Even eco-friendly homes, with one or more “green” features recorded in its real estate listing is more desirable.

Many home seekers across the U. S. want green features because of the rising costs of heating and cooling, electricity and the impact water of consumption.  As the cost of maintaining a home continues to rise, green homes are becoming a necessity.

Green homes and their healthy interiors help to improve the quality of your daily life. Their living environments are more functional, useful and comfortable, allowing you to remain in your home as you age.

Below are some of the features that eco-friendly, green and sustainable homes provide. Many of these features can be incorporated into existing homes.

▪ Greater energy and water efficiency

▪ Lower operating costs

▪ Compliance with todays’ building codes for greater safety and efficiency

▪ Proper ventilation, high efficiency air filters, and measures to reduce mold and mildew.

▪ Improved personal health

▪ Comfort

▪ Less maintenance

▪ Fewer repairs

▪ No need to renovate or remodel

▪ State of the art appliances and building products

▪ Warranties on products and workmanship

▪ State-of-the-art technology

▪ Pre-wired to accommodate a charging station for an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle

▪ Fire safety features

▪ Efficient use of natural daylighting strategies

▪ More accessible indoor-outdoor connections

▪ Incorporation of Universal Design or Aging in Place features

▪ Higher ceilings

▪ Larger and more open rooms

▪ Less formal layouts

▪ Better use of space and adjacent rooms

▪ Specialty rooms like butler’s pantries and home offices

▪ More useable storage space

▪ Great selection and customization of healthy and sustainable finishes

▪ Cleaner

▪ No unknowns, as far as, damage or maintenance problems

▪ Green homes can be built for the same cost as, and in some cases even less than traditional homes when they are properly planned.

▪ Green homes have a higher resale value and are on the market for less time than comparable traditional homes.

Green and sustainable homes and their innovative interiors are here to stay because they meet the future changing needs of its owners and offer peace of mind. They have already proven over and over their value for the investment.

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