The Value of Incorporating Universal Design in Your Home

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Will the design of your home meet your future needs? Are you presently raising a young family or considering re-feathering your empty nest? Families have been customizing their homes to suite their particular lifestyles both now and in the future by easily implementing universal design with sustainable interior design.

Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by people of all ages, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for alterations or specialized design in the future. Universal design enhances conventional design by incorporating elements that offer comfort, convenience, and ease of use.

Multigenerational families and first-time homeowners will appreciate the often simple and inexpensive changes that make homes livable for all household members, regardless of age or ability. Homes with universal design are more user-friendly, require lower maintenance, and complement an easy-living lifestyle.

Below are five ways to implement universal design in your home:

  • Widen your doorways and hallways to accommodate strollers or relatives who might use a wheelchair. This allows everyone and everything to move more easily in and out of the house, and from room to room. Doors widths should be 36-inches wide and halls and stairways 42-inches wide.
  • Build a stepless porch entry that will increase access and convenience without compromising aesthetics.
  • Install nonslip surfaces on floors and bathtubs to help everyone stay sturdy on their feet.
  • Install handrails on steps and grab bars in bathrooms to provide more support for household members of all ages.
  • Use lever door handles. This easy-grip hardware allows family members and guests to more effortlessly open and close doors. You can also switch out your faucets and drawer handles with C-shape or D-shape hardware for even greater ease of use.

In today’s modern world, homes are being designed with sustainability in mind and are also incorporating universal design elements to create holistic homes that will be usable for a long time into the future compared to the traditional homes of the past.

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