Take Advantage of Natural Daylighting’s Valuable Benefits

Take Advantage of Natural Daylighting’s Valuable Benefits

There is nothing more wonderful than a cheerful, warm, and inviting home filled with sunlight and views connecting indoor spaces to the outdoor environment. Take advantage of natural daylighting.

Sunlight is an essential element in our existence and a fundamental component of sustainable design. Buildings with plentiful natural daylight helps keep us physically and emotionally happy. Natural daylighting helps reduce the need to turn on electric during the daytime, cutting energy consumption by 50 to 80 percent, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Instead of placing as many windows and skylights as possible into a home, it’s key to balance the light’s positive and negative effects, such as heat gain/loss and glare. We can control these elements with appropriate window placement, orientation, energy-efficient glass, and shading techniques.

In the design of a new home or a major renovation of an existing home incorporating light monitors (raised roof sections with windows on both sides) or clerestories (bands of windows along an upper wall) can help bring light deep into the house. Another effective option is the use of open-tread stairwells with an operable window or skylight at the top that can exhaust hot air. The use of daylighting and natural ventilation together creates an emotionally and comfortable home.

Minor interior design changes can also add light. To brighten dark hallways, use translucent glass doors to borrow light from exterior rooms. To scatter sunlight, use well placed mirrors to open up spaces or bounce light from a window. This is a smart way to distribute natural daylighting.

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