The Rules for Holiday Regifting

The Rules for Holiday Regifting

There are rules for holiday regifting. At one time passing along a gift you have rejected was considered bad behavior, because of the results of our transformed economy and the green and sustainable design movement, it has become a sport. The practice is so common that various surveys indicate that regifting is not only prevalent, but is even considered acceptable these days.

The key to regifting is not getting caught. You also need to have some imagination! One obvious regifting don’t is food with an expiration date. Don’t regift what can go stale, including fragrances more than six months old. Some other basic rules include never use a free promotional item, checking for personal gifts cards inside packages before passing them on, not regifting to anyone in the same family or social circle, and make sure not to give something with an extinct store label on it. Always make sure to replace the wrapping paper.

We all have too much stuff, regifting when done flawlessly can be positive and far better than just throwing things away. Recycling has become a cultural preoccupation. You could say that regifting is an environmentally friendly action. If storage space at home is limited, we really don’t have too much of a choice but to distribute the loot. The trick is to regift with care and thought. Good regifting is an antidote to hoarding and holiday overspending.

While following the rules for holiday regifting, have fun and enjoy the holidays! Think green and sustainably when selecting your holiday gifts and wrapping them. Please, don’t forget to consider the environment.

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