Refresh Your Home’s Interiors with New Decorative Hardware

Refresh Your Home’s Interiors with New Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware adds the perfect finishing touch to every eco-friendly, green and sustainable home.  It is the final detail, just like the jewelry you put on after getting dressed for work, going out for dinner or for a special occasion.  The right pieces of hardware complete a house’s interiors and exterior.  It polishes the appearance, adds oomph, and creates an impression of quality about your home.

Whether you have just built a new home, remodeled your existing home or moved to a luxury apartment, the right decorative hardware will transform the appearance and feeling of the interior spaces and its exterior.  It can take a dull looking kitchen, bathroom or powder room and provide it with the perfect finishing detail that makes it look sensational, no matter if your home is a traditional, transitional or modern style.

Door handles and hinges are also important.  Opening the front door to a house and its interior rooms with solid, quality door handles and hinges adds a feeling of luxuriousness and value to a home. It tells a lot about the homeowners.

There are countless cabinet and door hardware options available today. Contemporary-styles are the most popular with traditional to rustic following. As for this year’s finishes, if you want to add a warm  colored accent to your home, satin brass would work. It has been most popular with classic chrome coming in second.  Other good-looking finishes to be considered are matte black, iron copper, brushed pewter, satin nickel, and brushed oil-rubbed bronze.

As Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details, they make the design.” Decorative hardware is unquestionably an important detail when completing the design of a home.

When selecting hardware for your home’s interior and exterior, choose manufactures that care about our environment, contribute to the GREEN movement and care about sustaining life. Take into account how and where the manufacture produces their products and if they are using recycled materials, such as glass, aluminum, eco-resins, fused glass, lead-free pewter and stainless steel.

Every detail of a home’s design is important. We are here to help you with your next project. Let us guide you through the project process and keep the big picture in focus. Contact us about our Sustainable Interior Design and various Consulting Services at 203.984.4695 or

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