Learn Why Window Treatments Are Green By Design

The window treatments in your home are an important element that must be wisely considered when creating a green, healthy and sustainable environment.

Window treatments are intended to help control the amount of heat gain or loss through windows.  Their insulating and light blocking properties help to reduce heating and cooling loads.

The materials that your window treatments are made from should consist of renewable, non-toxic fibers, which do not emit harmful VOCs.  Certain imported plastic or PVC blinds have been found to break down in ultraviolet light, produce toxic dust, and have been known to off-gas for their entire lifespan. They should never be specified in a green home.

To utilize the natural power of solar energy to light a room without any deteriorating effects, smartly designed window treatments are needed to allow natural light into interior spaces and at the same time provide privacy.

Should anyone in your home have allergies or suffer from asthma, wood blinds or shutters are the healthier choice, rather than fabric treatments, because they can be regularly vacuumed.

Plantation shutters are one of my favorite window treatments. As with anything you purchase for your home, always buy the best you can afford.  Plantation shutters can be expensive, but many factors greatly outweigh the cost, such as, they will last over 15 to 20 years, if you purchase the right product.

Quality plantation shutters can provide excellent protection against heat and cold.  When professionally specified and installed, heat and cold transfer is considerably reduced, therefore, reducing energy costs for heating and cooling. Be aware of one important detail, plantation shutters will not block-out the light 100 percent. There could be about a 0.08 of an inch gap around the edges and a little light leakage through the blades.

Invest in customized window treatments when creating your healthy home environment. Make sure you select a local fabricator, purchase sustainable fabrics and forestry hardwood products (FSC).  Plantation shutters are a very popular window treatment choice because they add a clean and unfussy look to any room. They are a good healthy and low-maintenance choice, but keep in mind that they may not be the best window solution for your needs. Always seek advice from an impartial expert.

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