Layer Your Home’s Lighting to Make It Engaging and Efficient

Lighting plays a very important part in making your home energy-efficient and sustainable. Besides lighting needing to be efficient, it must also be purposeful, stylish and engaging.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in a home. Your lighting in these rooms need to be well thought out, carefully chosen and coordinated in order to perform with your selections of floor and wall finishes, countertops, sinks and toilets.

Good lighting is key to all successful interiors projects. No matter how beautiful the design, colors, finishes and furniture are, poor lighting will ruin a well-intended space.

The days of one standard light fixture to illuminate an entire room is very outdated and is not functional for the different ways we presently make use of our spaces. The smart and sophisticated way to make a kitchen or bathroom more functional, comfortable and look appealing is to layer the lighting fixtures for its different purposes and at the same time make it engaging, but never trendy. The layering of light fixtures can include feature lights, accent lights, and even sensor lights that can light up a kitchen or bathroom countertop when someone enters a room, making these rooms more appealing. Dimmers are essential to help adjust the lighting levels for different needs.

The use of LED lighting helps to create a more spirited look, because LEDs are capable of elevating and changing the mood of a kitchen and bathroom. Color changing back lit counters are excellent for instantly changing a room’s ambiance.

A well-planned lighting design is essential for both new and renovated homes to make them a success. Always plan, select and invest in quality energy-efficient lighting fixtures and dimmers and include the lighting concept in the initial design phase, never as an afterthought.

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