Transform Your Kitchen with A New Beautiful and Bold Backsplash

Beautiful and Sustainable Backsplash

A simple and inexpensive way to make a statement and elevate the heart of your home is to add a new, beautiful, non-toxic and sustainable backsplash.

A pleasing backsplash is an important design element in every kitchen. They provide practical wall protection against grease splatters, flying ingredients, and dishwater sprays.

Backsplashes also play an equally important function in the aesthetic mix. They bridge the countertop material with other materials when incorporated in a bold pattern, color or material and can help with transitioning matte and shining surfaces. Backsplashes are capable of adding the perfect design element or polish to a non-interesting space and making it feel complete.

If the focus of your culinary zone lies elsewhere, the backsplash can be used as the key support to help attain visual balance.

When selecting new materials for your back splash, always consider the following: life cycle, indoor air quality, recycling, regional availability and low maintenance.

Today backsplash material options are overwhelming. From modern to traditional, ceramic tiles are manufactured in any color, size, texture and shape you can dream of, and then there are stunning glass panels and tiles, unique natural stones, metal tiles, quartz, marble, porcelain slabs and tiles, amazing salvaged materials and even tin sheets. There is a solution for every budget and kitchen.

For small kitchens, reflective finishes are the best because they help make a small space feel larger. If you have a neutral kitchen, sculptural backsplashes add texture and depth. To provide a modern contrast against dark kitchen cabinets, stainless steel and bronze tiles can provide a space with fresh contrast and visual interest.

Always higher a local professional tile installer, no matter what size of a budget you have. Having your beautiful and bold backsplash professionally installed will ensure that you will be happy with the end results and the investment in your kitchen improvement.

Invest in green and sustainable materials whenever you are making home improvements. When doing so, you know they will last longer, will be better for your indoor air quality and for the environment.

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