Green HomesBefore you have a new home designed and built or an existing home redesigned and remodeled, be sure you are adding lasting value by constructing it with the principles of Green, Sustainable and Universal Design. The interiors of today’s homes need to be designed so they are flexible in order to accommodate the future needs of its residents.

Sustainable design is no longer a trend, it is part of everyone’s life in one way or another, whether at home, school or work. The demand for green homes has been progressively growing because they are recognized for their higher quality construction, making them a better value than traditionally built homes.

Today people are living longer, and our homes need to enable us to age in place, as long as possible. New home design and remodeling needs toembrace flexibility and adaptability. Removing obstacles like stairs, both within the home and outside, enables continued use of all spaces. Wider hallways can accommodate baby strollers, moving furniture in and out, wheelchairs, and walkers.

Flexible spaces with movable or removable walls easily and inexpensively accommodate a room’s new use. A small dining room may need to transform into a larger space to accommodate a friend or family member moving in. Spouses pass on, and a space may need to change again. Seniors want to age in place, and homes need to accommodate those situations easily.

The homes of the 21 century must be designed to add lasting value and meet the future changing needs of its residents. They need to be usable by all people, whether they are young or old, tall or short, strong or weak, able-bodied or with a disability.

If you are considering building a new home or remodeling your existing home, it is worth the investment to have a green, sustainable, universal interior designer involved in your project in initial the planning stage. They can guide you in making wise decisions about interior space planning, the flow of spaces, room layouts that work well and are flexible in meeting future needs, plus advising about quality healthy finishes, furniture and more.

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