Five Best Ways To Add Sustainable Luxury And Value To Your Home

Are you considering making some green and sustainable design changes to your home, but aren’t sure what modifications would provide the most benefits for the investment? Do you want to improve your home and make it more inspiring with the intention of selling it sometime in the future?

Here are five ways to upgrade your home that will add sustainable luxury, value, and improve your indoor atmosphere.

  1. Stylish Designed Entryways. The entry/foyer of a home sets the first impression of your living space. It should make you feel safe, comfortable and happy. Today’s entries need to be functional, with a bench or seating area to change your shoes and an appropriate place to hang your coat. Having suitable lighting in your entry by either using natural light during the day or a lighting fixture or lamp for day and night ensures safety and visual navigation when entering, and serves in setting the ambiance for your home.
  2. Linking the Outdoors To the Indoors. The original California trend of bridging the outside with the inside is very popular all across the country, and it’s an important feature of many multi-generational homes. Orienting great rooms and grandparent suites to the outdoors delivers much added-value.
  3. Efficient Kitchen Islands. Kitchen islands have become larger and more functional, with increased storage spaces that allow for fewer upper cabinets and more windows. The trend is for a sleek, modern look that can be accomplished by wrapping the island in solid surfacing, such as marble, Caesarstone or Vetrazzo. A second Island is also beneficial to offset the dining area, making it separate from the kitchen island and creating an extra wall for cabinetry. The kitchen island is a significantly prized feature in the home.
  4. Flex Appeal. Great rooms are still highly desirable, but they need to be designed with flexibility in mind. Flexibility is more important than ever, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. Great rooms accommodate many different family functions.
  5. Green Is Standard. Sustainability is no longer an option. All new and renovated homes should make use of natural daylight into the interiors. They should be constructed with non-toxic building materials and furnishings. They must be energy and water-efficient with Energy Star rated appliances. In addition, ensuring healthy indoor environmental quality, consisting of natural ventilation and an HVAC system that filters incoming air and vents stale air to outside.

By utilizing the above strategies, you will elevate your lifestyle at home to a new contemporary level of comfort and luxury.

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