Declutter to Improve the Beauty and Health of Your Home and Workplace

Summer is almost over, which makes it the perfect time of the year to declutter and prepare for the coming fall and winter months. It doesn’t matter if you live in a spacious house or studio apartment, work in a worplace or from a home office, clutter consumes valuable space and is not healthy for you.  Living and working in beautiful and healthy interiors increases productivity, quality of life and peace of mind.

Clearing the clutter from your home and workplace will help to make them more sustainable environments and will certainly improve their aesthetic appeal. Clutter is hazardous to your health because it can affect your physical well-being, making you feel more stressed and even moody at times.

Start decluttering today by using the reduce, recycle and reuse process below:

To get started, take inventory of what you have in each room of your home and workplace and decide whether to keep it, sell it, give it away or throw it away.  Anything that hasn’t been worn or used in the last two years should be either sold at a garage/tag sale, passed along to local charities or given to a family in need. Anything that is no longer useful should be thrown away.

Remember that “throw away” means taking items to local recycling places that will dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

The same goes for cans of paint or construction materials that could be used by somebody else in renovating a room or a community space where there is not a budget for new materials.

Adopt the “less is more” mentality. It will help make your home and workplace environments more appealing, functional and sustainable.  Decluttering is a positive investment of time.

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