Custom-Made Clothing For Your Furniture Is Green By Design

I like the idea of custom-made clothing for furniture, which is similarly known as slipcovers.  Slipcovers are fashionable again and they make so much good sense. They are green, sustainable, minimize waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.  That makes them a good value for the investment!

Furniture slipcovers were common before residential air conditioning was available. In the hot months of the year they were used to protect upholstery from sweat. In the 1960’s technology and mass production techniques made it possible to manufacture furniture that could be sold at prices at or below the price of slipcovers causing the demand for slipcovers to degenerate.

Slipcovers are typically made of washable or dry cleanable fabric. They slip on and off, can add new life to any room, be removed for seasonal change, cleaned, and put into storage.  Slipcovers can be designed and created to fit loosely or tightly with furniture legs’ showing or not showing, in whatever style is desired.  Some people like to order furniture upholstered in plain muslin with the intention of using custom-made slipcovers only. Because of the popularity of the casual shabby chic design style, there has been a renewed interest in slipcovers.

Always invest in non-toxic quality made furniture that will last and in the future can be reused, refinished, and re-purposed to help our environmental impact. Custom-made slipcovers are a wonderful way to change any number of existing furnishings to make them fit into a new room scheme. Besides slip-covering sofas, you can cover sectionals, ottomans, club chairs, wing chairs, dining room chairs, bar stools, headboards and foot-boards, bed frames, benches and more.

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