Stop The Sun From Fading Your Furnishings

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Interior Noise Pollution and Its Health Effects

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Don’t Buy Upholstered Furniture Containing Flames Retardants

Healthy upholstered furniture that is well designed can be a challenge to find. Most upholstery fabrics and foams contain chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment. Cushions, pillows … [Read more...]

Wood Provides Warmth and Comfort to Green Interior Spaces

Humans are naturally drawn to nature and feel most relaxed in natural environments such as gardens, parks and forests. This is known as biophilia.Scientists say the feeling of relaxation felt in … [Read more...]

Three Winning 2015 Trends for Your Home

I never advise my green interior design clients to invest in design, finishes, furniture and other items that are a fad. To clarify, a “trend” does not mean “fad”. Although a trend does sway towards a … [Read more...]