Moen_Universal Design

Stylish New Products Make Universal Design More Desirable

Universal design has evolved to a level where it is now attractive and seamless. Grab bars, barrier-free showers, wheelchair-compatible counters, and other universal design elements are now stylish, … [Read more...]

upholstered furniture

Consider Your Health First When Purchasing Upholstered Furniture

Healthy upholstered furniture that is well designed can be a challenge to find. Most upholstery fabrics and foams contain chemicals that are bad for our health and the environment. Cushions, pillows … [Read more...]

Biophilic Design-3

Quality Green Interior Design Includes Biophilic Design

“Biophilic design” is known as a close relative to “green design”.  Biophilla is the innate craving and draw to nature, and the need for it to surround us by means of sunlight, plant life, natural … [Read more...]

LED WallPaper-3

Employ LED Wallpaper to Create Ambiance in a Special Room

Wallpaper has been having a resurgence over the past couple years.  As a green interior designer, I usually prefer sustainable design options such as vertical green garden walls, recycled wood or … [Read more...]

Lutron Senors

Affordable Energy Automation for Your Home

Lighting accounts for 20% of an average home’s energy bill. Reduce your home’s consumption and costs by installing the following affordable energy solutions: Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors. Stop … [Read more...]

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Workplaces and homes should be healthy, inspiring environments. Lynn Hoffman Design delivers just that. Ms. Hoffman takes a holistic approach, combining custom interior design with sustainable solutions to make spaces more efficient, comfortable and green.

With a career twenty-five years strong -- and expertise in both residential and commercial interior design -- Ms. Hoffman is your go-to designer for all things eco-friendly. Lynn listens to clients, evaluates the task, and executes a plan on time and on budget, while keeping eco-elegance a priority.

Having serviced the Greater New York area and beyond, Ms. Hoffman’s reputation for excellence is well established. She has completed varied projects for Fortune 500 companies to celebrities to architects to families with specific needs. Lynn approaches challenges with ease and problem solves to find optimal, environmentally conscious resolutions.

Our website showcases Lynn’s impressive portfolio, captivating blog for which she’s received back-to-back “Best Blogger” nominations, and her extensive archive of newsworthy articles. This wealth of knowledge will enlighten and enable clients to make better informed, non-toxic choices. Consider Lynn Hoffman Design your Green Team.

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