Black is Making Its Way Back into Interior Spaces

We love designing sustainable luxury homes and making them beautiful, comfortable, all while promoting long-term good health. We also like to incorporate the latest trends whenever they appropriately fit into a design scheme. The trend reports have started announcing the color forecasts for 2018. Neutral black has been predicted to make a comeback in various different shades along with a warming blue-green hue.

Integrating black accents into interiors creates sophistication and drama. Black is a versatile foundation color because it can be used to dress up or dress down a space.

Black paired with white creates a classic and contemporary look that is never out of style. Adding black to interior spaces make them more flexible and can be used in any style of space. There are many ways to employ black. It can be used as a wall color, floor color, on cabinets, on a patterned area rug, seat cushions, or pillows. Black can make a bold statement that will not go unnoticed. It can be used in a feminine, masculine, romantic or theatrical way.

When using black, never use too much and never take it to an extreme. Black should be included into a space to add elegance. It works well in small rooms such as bathrooms and powder rooms. It can be used for sinks, cabinets, countertops, tiles or towels. In kitchens, mixed it with stainless steel and white, it will never look out dated.

In a bedroom, it can be used with any wall color. Black bedding makes a huge impact. A black bed draws attention to the focus of the room and looks great with textured fabrics. Black can be used for draperies to add a dramatic punch in a soft way. In a very feminine room, a more masculine look can be created with the use of selected black accents, woods or metals.

Black and white always looks wonderful together and they are virtually incapable of going out of style. With a mostly white interior, bursts of black on furniture and accents make the space vibrant and exciting.

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