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About Us

Creating a Better Quality of Life for the World Through Sustainable Design

Sustainability and green design have totally redefined architecture and interior design. In order to better serve clients, as interior designers, we have to be continuously evolving what we know, do and how it is accomplished. The demand for sustainable design will continue to increase.

Quality of Life

Lynn is a firm believer that work-live communities are some of the healthiest places because they are conducive to walking more and driving less. By design, these communities encourage socialization, creating closer relationships and an improved quality of life.

One of Lynn’s core design goals is to help people flourish, not just exist. She has been a long-time professional advocate for green buildings and sustainable design and knows first-hand that architecture along with its interior design requires a holistic process with an eye on wellness and sustainability. This includes the predesign phase and continues throughout the construction process. The day-to-day function of a workplace or home is considered throughout the project.

Starting from her days as an interior design student, Lynn intuitively incorporated sustainable design elements into her projects. This was the beginning of her skilled use of natural daylight in an interior space. Her designs connect the indoors to the outdoors and incorporate color that positively effects indoor temperature and enhances mood. Indoor air quality and its health effects on building inhabitants is also an important element she considers when promoting sustainability. Her green designs maximize energy and water efficiency, while minimizing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.


With over two decades of experience and a solid track record, Lynn is an accomplished expert in the eco-friendly arena. Her certifications are many and include IIDA, NCIDQ, RID, LEED®-AP ID+ C and Aging-in-Place (CAPS). Lynn’s credentials combined with a background in architecture and artistic flair from years abroad, are a valuable combination.

Lynn is also a LEED® ID+C Accredited Professional, certified by the National Council for Interior Design and the National Association of Home Builders, and is a Connecticut State Registered Interior Designer. Additionally, she’s a member of the International Interior Designers Association and the United States and Connecticut Green Building Councils. Lynn’s eco-smart interiors are evidenced throughout New York, Connecticut, California, the nation and the globe.

lynn hoffman Sustainable Interior Design

“We hired Lynn at Lynn Hoffman Design for an interior office space design project. Lynn exceeded our expectations. Lynn is a dedicated, efficient and creative professional. She exhibits an untiring attention to detail and offered solutions that worked within our budget. Lynn provided updates, drawings and maintained constant communication in a timely fashion throughout the project. We could not be more pleased with the look of our new space. Lynn was able to capture the feel we were looking for. We will definitely use Lynn for any future interior design projects.”

– C. O’Donnell

about lynn hoffman

I have always loved the interior design field because I’ve seen the evidence of how it enhances peoples’ lives in both corporate offices and residential settings. By adding the eco-conscious dimension to interiors, I have seen first-hand how eco-conscious spaces improve wellness, well being and productivity.

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