10 Worthy Residential Trends to Consider In 2018

During this past November and December, my clients started asking me what I thought would be the best new trends for 2018 to incorporate in their homes. I really don’t follow the residential trends because I design my projects according to what is appropriate for my client’s interiors and my work is dedicated to sustainable design, healthy environments and well-being.

The following are ten trends I do consider to have value and I have discussed with my clients:

  • Energy and water efficient homes, whether existing or new. With water and electric prices increasing each year, your home should be as efficient as possible. This is a perpetual trend.
  • Environmentally friendly homes. A perpetual trend.
  • Contemporary architecture with open interior spaces, lots of natural daylight and clean lines.
  • Invest in non-toxic interior finishes and furniture. Another perpetual trend.
  • Select finishes and furniture using fine woods with simple edge details and multilayered finishes.
  • White walls are wonderful, but incorporating a paint color is a transformative and inexpensive means to add warmth, drama and immediate personality to a space.
  • Stop purchasing and mixing organic elements with new and existing furniture. It is time to use elegant fine woods with minimal details and finishes.
  • Always choose quality over inexpensive reproduction electrical and plumbing fixtures. Electrical and plumbing fixtures are your home’s jewelry. When renovating keep whatever existing quality fixtures possible and replace the others with better fixtures that bridge with the existing. Never replace fixtures with something fashionable or trendy.
  • Less is more. Thoughtfully collect the finest and magnificent items for your home that leave a lasting and gratifying impact. Curate your home, stop investing in stuff.
  • Saying good-bye to many apps that control smart home products. Having just one device that manages a smart home is enough.

When it comes to enhancing your home, I always tell my clients to stick with what they love, invest in quality products, and healthy finishes and furniture no matter what trends are hot at the moment. The most important thing is you are always pleased with the investments you have made for your home and they are sustainable.

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